What's inside?

Common EQs & Filters :

✔️ Learn the common filters on a EQ like High Pass, Low Pass, Bell, Low Shelf, High Shelf

✔️ Learn the differences between common EQs like Fully Parametric and Graphic EQ

Transparent VS Colored EQs:

✔️ Not all EQs are the same. Some are transparent and others have a "sound"

✔️ Discussing harmonics and how they make up the sound of instruments and EQs

Linear Phase EQ And Other Useful EQ Types:

✔️ Linear phase EQ pros and cons (Pre ringing)

✔️ Other useful EQ types like MS EQ & Dynamic EQ


Take Your Mix To The Next Level

Learn the differences between several EQ types and when it's a good or bad idea to use one over the other.