The Beat Bundle

Beat Mixing, Business, And More

What's inside?

The Beat Bundle:

The Beat Mix has a full beat mix breakdown and drum sample download section.

The Beat Toolbox has 22 videos covering the must know beat mixing techniques.

Music Theory Applied To Hip Hop covers minor and major scales and various chords and how they all work together inside the key. Real life music example breaking down J.Cole to show how theory is used in Hip Hop. 

The Business Side of Beats covers copyright registration, PROs, distribution and other videos covering agreement types and more. 

Making Your Own Loops and Samples shows how you can create a kick drum and a snare drum from scratch so you can use your own sample when writing a beat. Also there is a video covering how to make your own loops so they are ready to go in your next beat or you can put them in a loop pack and sale them. 

Join the community:

With all bundles you also get access to the private FaceBook group. This is where you can ask questions and get mix critiques. Having access to this type of help as you learn can make all the difference. 

Is this for you?

I focus on hip Hop music through all of the courses in this bundle. If you are a Hip Hop artist, producer or engineer that has a home studio then you are in the right place. I use various plugins throughout this course but you can use the stock versions instead if that is all you have. As for DAW I use Pro Tools but the techniques apply to all DAWs. 


Who am I?

I’m Shaun Kelly, and I have mixed Hip Hop music for over 10 years working with hundreds of artists and producers all over the world.

Music I have mixed has been streamed online millions of times and I have had the honor to work with some really talented people.

I studied Music in college and gained hands-on experience with some of the best mixing and mastering engineers I could find. 

I have a passion for mixing Hip Hop music and I’ve been inspired to teach my process to help Hip Hop artists and producers develop a professional sound in their home studio.

My goal is to teach in a way that speeds up the process so it doesn’t take you years of trial and error like it did for me. 



✔ The Beat Mix 

✔ The Beat Tool Box

✔ Music Theory Applied

✔ The Business Side Of Beats

✔ Make Your Own Sample & Loops

✔ Private Facebook Group




✔ The Vocal Bundle

  • The Vocal Mix
  • The Vocal Tool Box
  • Mixing Vocals To A 2-Track
  • Mixing Vocals To A 2-Track 2.0

✔ The Beat Bundle

  •  The Beat Mix 
  •  The Beat Tool Box
  •  Music Theory Applied
  •  The Business Side Of Beats
  •  Make Your Own Sample & Loops

✔ Access Live Mixing Sessions Backlog

✔ Private Facebook Group


The pressure shouldn't be on you. If for any reason you feel the course didn't meet your expectations then simply send me a email asking for a refund and I will send back your money. No hard feelings. 

If you like the course and just have a request for a video to be added or a question to be answered feel free to email me and I can help you out.


No experience required. This covers the whole process from start to finish so you will have no problem following along. Even if you have been mixing for a while now this course will show you a different approach that you can benefit from. You can always learn something new. 

The course is available on this website or in the Kajabi app. 

Yes, if for any reason you feel the course didn't live up to your expectations feel free to email me asking for a refund within the first 60 days of purchasing and I will send your money back.