Understanding The Business Side

Don't leave money on the table!

You spend time and money getting your music to sound good and now you want to share it with the world. So where do you start and how can you make some money in the process?

If you want your music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music..... You need a distributor. I personally use and recommend DistroKid. (Click here for 7% off your first year). They are really inexpensive and allow you to get your music out to all the streaming sites people listen to music on. 

Once your music is out on streaming sites, your music is now generating multiple streams of money called royalties. (Assuming people are listening to your music). There are mechanical royalties, performance royalties, non-interactive royalties, and the money generated from the sale or stream itself. You need to educate yourself on how to collect all of these royalties because they are all sent to different places. If you are not signed up with the correct organizations you are missing out n the money your music is generating. 


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