Mix Vocals Like A Pro

Mix rap vocals that compete with your favorite songs on the radio.

Do you wonder how the songs on the radio get that "Pro" sound?

Do you think you need to be in a million dollar studio with a big board to get that sound?

Luckily you don't need the fancy gear or thousands of dollars worth of plugins. 

You need a processes that is step by step showing you how to use the basic tools, you most likely already have, to get a professional sound. 

The Process

When approaching a mix the very first thing you need to do is understand gain staging from recording to mastering. This will leave you headroom to work with and allow you will hit the plugins sweet spot!

Now that you have your gain set right you can start cleaning up the vocal. The first thing I like to do is reductive EQ. I find the bad frequencies and reduce them. Doing this makes the vocal sound clean and natural. Next I apply a DeEsser to tame the sibilance and a compressor to control the peaks and bring the vocal forward in the mix. This is all part of the clean up phase (no boosting required). 

Once my vocals have been cleaned up I start balancing them with the beat. This starts with the levels and goes into additional processing if needed. Top it off with some reverb and your vocal should sit nice with the beat. 

Time to get your balanced mix loud and competitive but not smashed! Add a limiter in there and get your song around -9 LUFS. A little louder or quieter is fine but don't force it. Take care of true peaks and dither (if needed) then bounce down the finished song. 

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The 4 steps to a professionally mixed Rap vocal that is Radio-Worthy


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