Mix Beats Like A Pro

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How do your beats compare to the ones used in songs on the radio?

Are you constantly buying new plugins or gear in hopes it will give you that "Pro sound"?

Mixing to a professional level doesn't require thousands of dollars worth of plugins or gear. You can get a professional sounding beat, right where you are, in your home studio. 

It’s a process, like anything, that can be taught, learned, and repeated.

Keep it simple

Most people who struggle with mixing try to do too much. People think that mixing is extremely complicated when in reality it all comes down to knowing the basics and balancing your mix. 

You have to focus on the low end to avoid a muddy beat. This isn't just the bass and kick, this is every instrument that has low frequencies. Mixing the low end comes down to making room and getting the instruments to work together.

One of the most important parts of your beat is the drums. It is what drives the song and determines if your song sounds weak or solid. One way to make sure your drums pack a punch is drum bus compression. This will glue your drums together and get that big, in your face, sound. 

After you got the low end working and your drums knocking you need to add in everything else. When doing this make sure to focus on balancing the mix. Don't mask the drums, build around and compliment them so it sounds whole. 

Last thing to do is make the beat loud and competitive so when a rapper or singer listens to it they can hear its full potential. You want your tagged MP3 to be loud but you don't want to kill the dynamics and smash it. Master your beat using a limiter that hits only 1-3db of gain reduction on the highest peaks. This will keep the dynamics and be loud enough to compete in beat stores. 

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