2 Steps To Get Better Recordings

In this video I go over my vocal corner and talk about the 2 steps to a better record. 1 Perfeormance and 2 getting a dry recording.

Hip Hop Audio School is still in the works but the good news is the record part has begun! I had an artist come out to the studio last night and we laid down the song that will be featured in HHAS. You get to see the recording session take place then the editing, mixing, mastering all the way through distribution and collecting royalties. Hip Hop audio school is my most detailed course ever and I can't wait to release it for you guys! Stay updated by jumping on the email list at HipHopAudioSchool.com

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Pick The Right EQ Every Time

In this Free 4 Step Course you learn colored EQ vs transparent EQ, linear phase EQ vs minimum phase EQ and much more to really help you choose the right EQ for the job.