Raw Fix My Mix! 14

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Artist featured is jmvedro Follow him on IG/Youtube and Twitter @jmvedro

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Raw Fix My Mix! Episode 12 - Stereo width and loudness using clipping

Hip Hop Audio School takes you through setting up a studio, recording, mixing, mastering, releasing your music and collecting royalties. With over 70 videos it is the step by step guide for hip hop artists https://www.rawtechniquestudios.com/hip-hop-audio-school

Like the music featured in epidose 12? Check J Flow out at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jflow9/lighta


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Raw Fix My Mix! Episode 11 - Mixing Preference

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Listen to the full song
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@jaetui_ @iamjudahpriest @e_prudukshinz 
@mrtonyraw @rawtechstudios
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Raw Fix My Mix! Episode 9

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The artist featured on Episode 9 

A1 the yungn


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Pick The Right EQ Every Time

In this Free 4 Step Course you learn colored EQ vs transparent EQ, linear phase EQ vs minimum phase EQ and much more to really help you choose the right EQ for the job.