Balancing Rap vocals with the beat


Get your vocals to sit better in the mix with basic balancing techniques and a splash of reverb. 

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Taming the dynamics - DeEsser and Compressor


Using a DeEsser we tame the sibilance in the rap vocal. Then using a compressor we control the overall dynamics of the vocal. This will help the vocals sit with the music better instead of getting lost or pop out of the mix. 

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Reductive EQ - The first step to mixing rap vocals

Reductive EQ to start off a Rap Vocal mix. Clean it up so it sits better with the beat. 

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Plugins Have A Sweetspot

The proof is in the manual. Look up your favorite analog modeled plugin manuals and some will mention the level in which it functions best at. As a rule of thumb 0VU or -18dbFS is the sweet spot. This proves that gain staging matters to get the best sound possible from your plugins.

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Gain staging

Gain staging is important while recording, mixing and mastering. You want to make sure you are not clipping during recording, overriding plugins during mixing and overriding the master fader going into Mastering.

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Drum Buss Compression

Glue Your Drums Together with Drum Buss Compression. Slow Attack, fast release for a big drum sound without killing the transients.

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Mixing The Low End

Dealing With Low End Clutter using EQ and Stereo Spread. The bassline is the main focus of this song as far as low end goes. I wanted to make sure the other instruments with low end didn't mask the bass line.

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Music Royalties From Streaming and Digital Downloads - Are you Leaving Money On The Table?

Music Royalties From Streaming and Digital Downloads - Are You Leaving Money On The Table? In this video, I cover the royalties generated when your music is streamed or sold via digital download. There are Mechanical Royalties, Distribution money, and Performance Royalties. There is also SoundExchange that collects a different royalty and YouTube content ID that collects all bundled into one. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the music business so you can stay on top of your money!

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How to use DistroKid to distribute your music and get paid

A full breakdown of the distributor I personally use and recommend. Get 7% off your first year at 

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Pick The Right EQ Every Time

In this Free 4 Step Course you learn colored EQ vs transparent EQ, linear phase EQ vs minimum phase EQ and much more to really help you choose the right EQ for the job.