Walking a Hip Hop Audio School student through a mix

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Check out the artist in the video at https://soundcloud.com/quartztherapper


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Vocal Effects To Make Your Songs Pop

Sometimes just adding one plugin can make all the difference. 

Top 5 secrets for Independent Hip Hop Artists & Engineers. https://www.rawtechniquestudios.com/top-5-secrets-for-independent-hip-hop-artists-sign-up-page

Song featured Kid $wami "Tell Me" https://www.kidswami.com/music


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The Sound of (Socially Distanced) Music

Guest Post by Elena Stewart

The Sound of (Socially Distanced) Music

The late and legendary Dick Clark said that “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” Yet for all their import, the musicians we encounter in our daily lives — the ones who add ambiance to our dinners, accompaniment to our chorus, and patient tutelage to our school bands — typically fit the descriptor of “struggling artist.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many musicians need at least one other job to pay the bills. Because of the personal nature of the craft, it’s not difficult to imagine how an era of long-term social distancing could bring tremendous financial pressures and hardship to musicians. With some perseverance and creativity, you — the musician — can still find ways to spread your harmonies and keep some money rolling in. Done correctly, it could even build up your post-pandemic careers.

Zoom, zoom in the room, room


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ScreenFlow and Apollo Interfaces working together FINALLY!

It took me a long time to figure this out so hopefully, it helps others in the same boat. I'm using Screenflow 8 and an Apollo x8, Pro Tools 2020, Soundflower, Console, and Audio Midi Setup. This is only for MAC. It might work for other interfaces and DAWs but I haven't tried it so if it works for you please leave a comment letting everyone know.

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How To Print Vocal Effects

How to print your effects to send to your engineer. In this video, I show how to print a reverb and delay effect to an audio track. But you can use this to print any type of effect.

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VocAlign Ultra - Vocal Alignment & Pitch

VocAlign Ultra is here! Test it out at https://www.synchroarts.com/products/vocalign-ultra/overview

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Raw Fix My Mix! Episode 12 - Stereo width and loudness using clipping

Hip Hop Audio School takes you through setting up a studio, recording, mixing, mastering, releasing your music and collecting royalties. With over 70 videos it is the step by step guide for hip hop artists https://www.rawtechniquestudios.com/hip-hop-audio-school

Like the music featured in epidose 12? Check J Flow out at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jflow9/lighta


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Raw Fix My Mix! Episode 11 - Mixing Preference

Need help outside these YouTube videos check out HipHopAudioSchool.com
Listen to the full song
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@jaetui_ @iamjudahpriest @e_prudukshinz 
@mrtonyraw @rawtechstudios
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Pick The Right EQ Every Time

In this Free 4 Step Course you learn colored EQ vs transparent EQ, linear phase EQ vs minimum phase EQ and much more to really help you choose the right EQ for the job.