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Plugins used in the 3rd party template

Fabfilter: PRO-Q 3, Saturn, Pro-DS, Pro-L 2 (optional)

Waves: H-Delay, SSL Comp, L3-LL Ultra (optional), RVerb, C1 Comp, Aphex Vintage Exciter, CLA-76, Waves Tune Realtime, Scheps 73

Soundtoys: Little microshift

IK Multimedia: Saturator X

UAD: Tube-Tech CL 1B mkII (optional)

brainworx: bx_XL V2 (optional)

Stock: Trim, EQ3 7-Band

*If you don't own these plugins there is a Stock & Free plugins template available here. 

Do you feel lost when mixing your music?

Using a template gives you plugins already setup for you so you don't need to start from scratch and try to figure it out every time. Record or drop in your audio and your music will instantly sound mixed. Make some tweaks to fit your song and you're done!

Using a template speeds up the mixing and mastering process so you can focus on what you love.... making more music.

Can't figure out what you should do with your mix?

Sometimes you run out of ideas on what to do in the mix. Using a template with multiple effects already setup makes it easy to hear what works with your music and what doesn't. 


What's inside?

Ready to go template:

✔️ Record direct or drag and drop your audio

✔️ All plugins are setup and need little to no tweaking

✔️ Made for Hip Hop music


✔️ Video walkthrough on how to use the template


Installing the template:

✔️ Video Walkthrough on how to save the template into your Pro Tools system for easy access

✔️ Creating a new session from the installed template


Get This Template

✔️  The Template: This template is the result of my 10+ years mixing and mastering for hundreds of artists and producers and is designed based on my go to plugins chains and presets for a quality mix/master.

✔️  Why: Templates speed up the process, and give you go to effects that can keep you creative. Instead of spending all your time setting up the same plugins every mix just load up a template. 

✔️ For who: This template is made for musicians that want to speed up their mixing and mastering process while using 3rd Party plugins. 

Who am I?

I’m Shaun, and I have mixed Hip Hop music for 10 years working with hundreds of artists and producers all over the world.

You may know me from my YouTube channel Raw Technique Studios where I have taught thousands of producers and artists how to mix Hip Hop music.

Music I have mixed has been streamed online millions of times and I have had the honor to work with some really talented people. I studied Music in college and gained hands-on experience with some of the best mixing and mastering engineers I could find, and today I’m putting this all together for you in a easy to use template. 

Pro Tools 3rd Party Template


✔ Pro Tools 3rd Party Template

✔ Walkthrough Video on how to use the template

✔ Walkthrough Video Installing the Template Into Pro Tools System

Get This Template

Who is this for?

The template is  for you if you can identify with any of these statements:


✔ I spend more time mixing my songs than writing them
✔ I don't know what plugins to use to get a quality sound


Yes. Every song you mix will be different and requires some small tweaks to fit that song. Stuff like the threshold on the compressor or the levels of the tracks. These need to be adjusted to fit the song you are mixing.

The template is available on this website. You can log in at any time and access your videos, links and download the template. 

This template works with Pro Tools 10 and up. Older versions and Pro Tools First are not compatible.